Here in Florida, erosion is a common issue that many homeowners face. This is particularly true if part of your property backs up to a lake or river. Over time, the shoreline on your property will be eaten away, leaving an unsightly and collapsing pile of dirt behind. This can create serious issues beyond just a less than ideal appearance for your property. Erosion can continue to spread, putting your entire property at risk.

In Florida, much of our ground is comprised of a soil, sand, and limestone mixture. Unfortunately, this mix is easily worn away by the lapping waves of a lake or moving water of a river. Not only that, but here in Florida, we see our fair share of major thunderstorms that bring with them heavy downpours of rain. This flowing water can lead to further erosion on your property.

If you have a home along a lakefront and you are facing erosion issues, you need to invest in lake restoration services. As a local Fort Myers lake restoration team, we are equipped to help you tackle this problem with the latest in technology and solutions. Many companies still offer erosion control methods that have been proven to be ineffective, such as geotubes, gabion baskets, and High-Performance Turn Reinforcement Mats (HPTR). One extremely effective method that we utilize for our clients is called shell erosion control. Check out the top reasons this could be the ideal solution for your needs.

#1: You Are Using A Natural Florida Material

Below is the same shoreline during wet season. (Notice the shell at the top of the bank hasn’t washed down from rain plus the submerged shell at the bottom hasn’t floated away):

Our shell erosion control utilizes natural aggregate that is mined here in Florida. This natural aspect makes it a great fit for Florida homes. You can rest assured that this product will be safe for the environment and natural to the area.

#2: You Can Grow Plants

Littoral plants, which are ideal for growing in flooded areas, are capable of growing up through shell erosion control. They will colonize the area, leading to long-term erosion control. Not only will the plants help to stabilize the area, but they will also add extra appeal to the lakefront.

#3: You Will Save Money

Many lakefront erosion control methods are extremely costly. Shell erosion control is less expansive than other leading methods. It also requires less invasive work, which means your property doesn’t undergo major damages during installation.

#4: You Can Enjoy The View

Unlike many other erosion control methods, shell erosion control will leave your property with a soft and natural look. Shells along your shoreline will be aesthetically pleasing, which can’t be said of all erosion control methods. Many erosion control solutions involve unsightly barriers and man-made blockades.

Contact Us For Lake Restoration

If you have a home that backs up to a lake and you are worried about erosion, please contact our team. We are proud to provide quality lake restoration services in Fort Myers and surrounding locations. We will work with you to find the right solution for your unique needs. Ask us if shell erosion control might be right for your home.