Commercial Erosion Matting

There are two categories of lake bank erosion matting: Hardened and Non-hardened.

Hardened erosion matting consists of a man-made material that typically lasts a long time. However, it prevents natural nesting for fish, birds, ducks, and other wildlife so most county and city planners discourage its overuse.


Non-hardened erosion matting consists of an all-natural, biodegradable material, fill dirt, native plants, and other natural materials. This recreates a natural Florida ecosystem and is preferred by many counties, cities, and individual H.O.A.’s.

Our proprietary non-hardened shoreline erosion control system installed on a lake in Ft. Myers, FL:

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Erosion matting- hardened and non-hardened- installed by Seabreeze Lakeshore Restoration, Ft. Myers, FL for lake, pond, canal, river erosion control in South Florida. Visit our landscaping site if you need a new landscape design and installation for your yard.

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