Littoral are seasonally flooded native plants that provide many benefits to Florida water bodies and ecosystems.

  • Provide a natural habitat and ecosystem for native birds, ducks, fish, butterflies, and other plant life.
  • Assist with erosion control on lake banks by colonizing and rooting into the soil
  • Help clean and aerate the water
  • Add to the beauty of the lake, river, pond, or canal
  • Fulfill requirements set forth by county municipal codes

Our lake restoration team offers many different varieties depending on the application. Our preferred species are ones that form an aggressive root system and produce beautiful blooms that attract butterflies and dragonflies. Call us today for a free estimate! (239) 300-2080

Our crew planting Sand Cordgrass (Spartina bakeri) and Golden Canna Lily (Canna flaccida) along a lakeshore in Estero:

6 months later:

We treat our plants with a highly effective, organic stimulator before planting. This ensures a much higher survival rate and less transplant shock. Below you can see a proprietary littoral shelf being installed inside an aggregate using our method in Estero, FL.

Plants being installed:

2 weeks later:

4 weeks later:

Call for a free estimate! (239) 300-2080

Littoral plants (seasonally-flooded native plants) such as Bulrush, Cana Lily, Sandcordgrass, Fakahatchee grass, Softrush, and Spikerush installed by Seabreeze Lakeshore Restoration, Ft. Myers, FL for lake, pond, canal, river erosion control in South Florida.

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