When creating an erosion control system on a lake bank, it is often beneficial to plant a strip of new sod along the top of the bank. This sod must stay above the high water level (control level) so it does not get drowned during the wet season. This type of system is primarily used in commercial applications- newly dug lakes, commercial properties, common areas, etc. Call today for a free estimate: (239) 300-2080!

A strip of Bahia sod laid in a new-construction canal in North Ft. Myers, FL:


In a residential setting, lake bank erosion often occurs along a homeowner’s backyard lake or pond bank where the waters rise and fall with the wet and dry season. This causes the lake bank to erode out from underneath the edge of the back lawn and the grass will gradually wash away or die.

Here we restored 150 square feet of sod to a homeowner’s backyard lake bank in Ft. Myers, FL:

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Littoral plants (seasonally-flooded native plants) such as Bulrush, Cana Lily, Sandcordgrass, Fakahatchee grass, Softrush, and Spikerush installed by Seabreeze Lakeshore Restoration, Ft. Myers, FL for lake, pond, canal, river erosion control in South Florida.

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