You’ve taken care of your landscaping for years. Recently, though, the maintenance has started to pile up. But with so many landscaping companies in Bonita Springs, how do you really know which is right for your project?

Seabreeze Landscaping is more than just another “lawn care” company. We are horticulturalists with nearly 30 years of experience and an eye for detail. Not to mention, our designs provide long-term savings because they require less irrigation, fertilizer, pest control, and overall maintenance.

Take a long look at your outdoor space. Are you ready for something different that’s not only beautiful but also yields a great return on investment? Seabreeze can transform your yard with colorful, low-maintenance plants and trees, as well as lush, tropical landscapes.

We are also proud to offer native rock yards (Xeriscape) upon request. Whatever your project, you can count on Seabreeze to get the job done right the first time. There’s no need to look anywhere else for landscape design.

Lakeshore Restoration

Does your commercial or residential property have erosion damage? If so, the Seabreeze team can help. We benefit clients by restoring land loss, avoiding costly future structural damage, increasing property value, enhancing safety, improving natural ecosystems, and protecting landscaping.

Don’t feel the need to tackle shoreline restoration yourself. At Seabreeze, we have decades of experience with commercial erosion matting, rip rap revetment, shell erosion control, and more.

Not sure you want to invest in a customized erosion control system? You can feel at ease knowing Seabreeze offers a lifetime guarantee on such workmanship. Plus, as a mid-sized company, we tend to outbid many of our larger competitors.

Seabreeze continues to set the standard for landscape design and lakeshore restoration in Bonita Springs. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.