Your property’s landscaping has gone downhill in recent years. The reality is that you need a professional to breathe new life into what used to be your oasis. Instead of hiring just another “lawn care company,” we recommend getting in touch with a team that specializes in design and installation.

In Need of Professional Landscape Design and Installation? Call Now!

Seabreeze Landscaping is comprised of a team with nearly 30 years of industry experience. Whether you’re interested in colorful, low-maintenance plants and trees, native rock yards (Xeriscape), or tropical landscapes, the Seabreeze team will put together a plan based on your site and vision. Our fully licensed and insured horticulturalists have packages starting at only $2,500.

Part of what separates Seabreeze from other landscaping firms is that we’re able to work hard for a limited number of clients. Never will we cut corners or settle for “good enough” because we have to get to another client. Customer satisfaction is always at the top of our priority list.

Some competitors make their clients wait months to schedule an installation. That’s not how we do things here at Seabreeze, as installations are typically booked within a few weeks. Plus, as a mid-sized company, we tend to outbid many of our larger competitors in the area.

Lakeshore Restoration

Does your commercial or residential property have some degree of erosion damage? Seabreeze Landscaping offers proven, long-term solutions for shoreline restoration and erosion control on lakes, ponds, canals, and rivers. By investing in lakeshore restoration, you can restore land loss, avoid costly future structural damage, and increase property value.

Some of our lake restoration services include commercial erosion matting, shell erosion control, and rip rap revetment. For your convenience, Seabreeze offers a lifetime guarantee on all erosion control systems.

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