You’ve made the decision to change up your property’s landscaping. In this instance, you don’t want to call some random “lawn care” or maintenance company. You need a company focused on the design and installation aspects.

In Need of Professional Landscape Design and Installation? Call Now!

This is where Seabreeze Landscaping comes into play. Not only do we have nearly three decades of experience with landscape design and installation, but we have several horticulturalists on staff who are ready to help. Clients also appreciate that the Seabreeze team can give them undivided attention as opposed to traditional landscaping companies that rush to their next project.

Should you choose to partner with Seabreeze, you will have countless design-build possibilities at your fingertips. Picture the scene now — a yard filled with colorful, low-maintenance plants and trees. Whether you’re interested in native rock yards (Xeriscape), tropical landscapes, or something completely different, you can count on our licensed horticulturalists to bring your vision to life.

Seabreeze Landscaping sets the standard for landscape design and installation. We provide residential services for single-family homes, ranch homes, duplexes, and other similar properties. We are also well-equipped to handle commercial landscaping work for offices, clubhouses, schools, and gated communities.

Lakeshore Restoration

In addition to high-end landscaping, Seabreeze offers effective solutions for shoreline restoration and erosion control on lakes, ponds, canals, and flooded properties. Our skilled team can help you restore land loss, avoid costly future structural damage, and increase property value. We’re so confident in our lakeshore restoration process that our erosion control systems come backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Don’t feel the need to tackle a major lakeshore restoration or landscape design project on your own. At Seabreeze Landscaping, we will walk you through the entire process, answering any questions you may have along the way.

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