We met the Association Manager for Spanish Wells at a board meeting in Naples and she mentioned that they needed some lakeshore work done. So, we met with her and her engineers to take a look at their plans. After investing some time with the engineers to come up with the best solution to for each lake, they awarded us the project. Over the course of two years we have restored nearly two dozen lakes in the community, laying thousands of linear feet of rip rap, planting 10,000’s of littoral plants, and utilizing other shoreline systems such as Flexamat, fill, shell, and sod. They are planning to begin phase three soon. We are also being asked to provide bids on areas that were done by a previous contractor that have since failed.

This is a unique project. All of the lakes in this community had some level of severe erosion along their lake banks, but the city could not approve the use of more rip rap (hardened shoreline). So, the engineers and hydrogeologists approached it from a different angle- crushed shell. The city of Estero approved the use of crushed shell (native to FL) as a non-hardened shoreline option for their lakes. We took it one step further and installed three species of littoral plants (Golden Cana, Bullrush, and Sand Cordgrass) directly inside of the shell. This strategy implements both immediate erosion control and long-term erosion control with ecological benefits. The residents were thrilled with the nearly 2,000 feet of newly restored lakes and have asked us to come back for a second and third phase!

Belle Lago Master Association was referred to us by their neighboring community The Cascades. We drew up a plan to repair and properly bury dozens of their rain run-off pipes. They were so impressed with our work that they asked for recommendations on all of their lakes in general. We drew up a proposal to begin restoring some of their more heavily-eroded lake bank sections with fresh new fill dirt and new sod. They not only hired us for this, they also requested additional proposals for the rest of their lake banks so they could budget for them the following year!

This client came to us with a severe erosion issue in the back of his commercial shopping mall. His rain down-spouts were eroding all the dirt from the building’s foundation and the flooded culvert had carved out a crater the size of a small automobile! We came in and attached 8” underground ADS plastic pipes to carry the water into the culvert. We then filled in the crater, compacted it, and covered with 6-12” rip rap to create a nice swale through which water could properly exit the culvert. The client has since hired us to return to repair some additional areas

Some engineers that we work with gave us a RFP for a community in Ft. Myers with some severe lakeshore erosion.  We proposed a value engineered solution and they hired us for the job.  Our proposal detailed two different shoreline restoration and erosion control systems- one using our proprietary biodegradable matt and littoral plants and the other using rip rap.  The end result saved the community $100,000’s and the littoral shelves are filling in nicely since then.

This project allowed us to use our erosion control and landscaping skills concurrently. We installed drought and salt-tolerant plants and Jacaranda trees to beautify the entryway and also converted all of the planter beds adjacent to walkways to crushed shell. The shell will prevent erosion from rain run-off, help the soil retain more moisture for the plants’ health, create a more alkaline pH which benefits our natives, and save the client money on mulch in the long run. Some of the children helped out too! Click on the video to see what their principle had to say about us.

Lighthouse Bay approached us to come up with a solution to their erosion problems in a number of villas within their community. Water from heavy rains had pooled around the base of their foundations causing water intrusion and interior damage. We designed and implemented a solution involving compacted fill dirt, poly-woven mat, and egg rock to help the water evacuate the beds and prevent future damage.

This community had a few buildings with serious erosion and flooding problems. We designed an elaborate French-drain system able to carry up to five times the volume of water. This system was installed underneath palms, bushes, sod, and next to hardscape which proved very difficult. Not only is the completed system nearly invisible, it proved itself during the following summer months and has rescued the clients back and side yard from $10,000’s in potential water damage.

We were contracted by a general contractor out of Port Charlotte to install erosion control around a retention pond at a new-construction Uhaul Storage facility in North Fort Myers.  The project required native Cabbage Palms, Fakahatchee Grasses, and Bahia sod for erosion control along the lake’s shoreline.  After passing inspection, the owner was able to open the new facility and we hope to do more business with the general contractor in the future!

Province Park found us online and contacted us regarding one of their lakes. Our Senior Project Manager visited the Board on-site to discuss solutions. He proposed a hybrid lakeshore system that we had success with on another project. This system involves the use of rip rap, crushed shell, fill dirt, and littorals (seasonally-flooded plants). It combines the immediate effectiveness of a hardened shoreline with the aesthetic beauty of littoral plants (which will also provide erosion control and benefits to the lake’s water quality once established). As with most of our clients, they were so happy with our solution that they hired us to come in and install more shell and plants the following year!

A concerned resident in this community found one of our videos on YouTube and decided to reach out to us to schedule a meet-and-greet at the property. Over the next several months we met with the board, revised the proposal four times, were awarded the contract, and restored an entire western bank of one of their lakes. This project was unique in that they had a strict set of specifications from the county and it took some ingenuity for us to create a solution that was both aesthetically pleasing to residents and in compliance with the county. Over the past few years, the shoreline has remained in excellent condition with no future erosion and nothing but praise from the residents!

This project involved restoring the grade on the property back to original by installing fill and compacting to spec. We then installed poly-woven commercial matting and crushed shell over the fill at about a 5 degree angle to draw water away from the structure. This created a permanent solution to solve rain run-off and erosion.