The Board at Breckenridge came to us for a quote on upgrading all of the common areas along their main thoroughfare. We decided to go with a Miami Beach look utilizing lots of bromeliads, cordylines, palm trees, variegated flax lily, and other ornamentals. All of the new plantings were nicely complimented with custom stacking stones and dark, brown mulch to finish out their new 21st-century look.

When one of our owners began seeing a chiropractor in Cape Coral, he mentioned that he happened to be in the process of getting bids for a landscape upgrade on his complex. What a coincidence! We put together a plan that addressed his dying grass, empty planters, and old-fashioned plant varieties. The end result was a neat, tropical courtyard with water fountain, new hybrid sod that is better adapted to his soil and sunlight, and some other low-maintenance plants around the property. Everything was finished off with large pine bark nuggets which look fantastic and last three times longer than mulch!

The children at this school had been playing in dirt and mulch for years so the owner decided it was finally time to make the play area and planters more kid-friendly (and kid-proof). We installed a landscape with crushed shell as a groundcover in the playing area and planters that featured really tough bushes and trees that could be kicked and abused without suffering.

The town of Fort Myers beach can pose a challenge from a landscaping perspective. The soil is very alkaline and void of nutrients, the sea breeze has a high salt content, and the sun is very intense. These conditions require a horticulturist to come in and truly understand the conditions of each area of the property and formulate a plan accordingly. So, our Project Manager and President came up with a comprehensive plan that would address each individual area. The Board chose to hire us to install one small Fishtail Palm hedge to give us a shot. They were so impressed with our plants and service that we were immediately asked to implement our entire plan for the property.

This building was the first high-rise built in the city of Fort Myers so its landscape was understandably dated. The Board decided to get about a dozen quotes from local companies and we were awarded the project! Our extensive upgrade featured more modern-looking palm species, Pitch Apple for privacy, and lots of bromeliads and cycads which require little to no maintenance. Now their entrance and upgraded beds look more like a resort in Miami Beach and less like rural Iowa.

After completing an interior office remodel that came out terrific, the owner reached out to us. He wanted to create an equally-appealing landscape by modernizing the look and reducing overall maintenance costs. Old, outdated plants were removed and replaced with tropical low-maintenance plants including:

-Red, purple, and orange bromeliads (tropical air plants from South America)
-Bottle Palms (Hyophorbe vershaffeltii) and Montgomery Palms (Veitchia arecina) both able to store water in their trunks to sustain periods of drought
-Ornamentals such as Variegated flax lily, FL native Cocoplum, and Hibiscus trees
-This commercial landscape has no grass. It only needs to be maintained 4 times per year saving the owner thousands on maintenance.

Here is what the owner had to say…

“Had a complete redesign of my office landscape and these guys were creative, flexible, fast and professional. All the plants and trees were in great shape and the final product looks amazing.” -Tim C.


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