Lanai Landscape Upgrades, Remodels, Pool Patio Designs

Lanai upgrades are one of our landscaping specialties. Whether it is new construction or a remodel of an existing pool area, we have some of the best trees and tropical plants in the industry. We talk with many homeowners who are frustrated with palm trees that have grown too large, mulch washing out of planters into the pool or simply having too many plants with too much maintenance.

Here are some of the ways we benefit homes with pool patios and lanais:

  • We use colorful, tropical ornamentals that produce less leaf-droppage than traditional bushes.
  • Our poly-woven commercial weed barrier helps prevent weed growth.
  • Decorative river rock or egg rock is a great ground-cover alternative to mulch.
  • Only dwarf and clustering palm tree varieties are used which will never outgrow your pool screen.
  • Once established, most of our ornamental plants and palms require no irrigation, no fertilizer, no pest control, and no hedge trimming

Some of the landscape features we have created in customer lanai’s include:

  • Raised beds with decorative stacking stone
  • Living bromeliad walls
  • Epiphytes (air plants) tied to trees, logs, and boulders
  • Potted plant arrangements
  • Trellis’
  • Paver sealing

We sell out of our Ft. Myers nursery to landscapers, contractors, nurserymen, and others who are in the business. Call our Field Supervisor at (239) 895-3115 to arrange an appointment.

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Your lanai is a special part of your property and is often where Floridians spend most of their time. However, we have found that most lanais and pool areas are improperly landscaped and sometimes feature plants and trees that are actually dangerous or poisonous! Our licensed horticulturists know exactly what your landscape needs. Give us a call or shoot us an email today to find out how we can benefit you!

Lanai Landscape Upgrades, Remodels, Pool Patio Designs installed by Seabreeze Landscape Services, specializing in design & installation in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, FL. We sell out of our Ft. Myers nursery to landscapers, contractors, nurserymen, and others who are in the business. Visit our nursery website.


We exist to add value and appeal to homes and businesses by modernizing the look and functionality of the landscape. We believe in saving people money on water, fertilizer, pest control, maintenance, and future plant replacement costs by utilizing the best varieties of palms and plants in the industry. The result is increased property values, reduced monthly expenses, and less negative impact on our South Florida ecosystem.