Xeriscape – Drought Tolerant Landscaping With Xerophytic Plants

The ultimate low-maintenance landscape is called a xerophytic landscape or “xeriscape” for short (learn more below). Since most of the palms, plants, and trees we use are the easiest to grow and maintain in the industry, this type of landscaping is truly our forte. A landscape doesn’t have to have a lawn or hundreds of ferns to look colorful and tropical. In fact, a landscape doesn’t even need irrigation to look beautiful year round (here in South Florida); it just needs the right landscaper and that’s Seabreeze Landscape Services.

Generally, xeriscape features:

  • Two or more types/colors of groundcover
  • Air plants and succulents
  • Boulders or rock features
  • Palm trees and plants that are able to store water in their trunks or leaves


Xerophytic (zero-fit-ick) is defined as a type of landscape that is adapted to an arid environment. Many xerophytic plants have specialized tissues absorbing water from the air or storing water, as in the stems of cacti and the leaves of succulents. Others have thin, narrow leaves, or even spines, for minimizing water loss.

Trichomes (try-cohmz) are a type of specialized plant cell (usually white or grey) found on the leaves of air plants such as bromeliads. Trichomes absorb water molecules from the air which hydrates the plant and makes it less dependent on absorption from roots.

Xeriscape – Drought Tolerant Landscaping With Xerophytic Plants by Seabreeze Landscape Services, specializing in residential and commercial landscaping in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties, FL.

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We exist to add value and appeal to homes and businesses by modernizing the look and functionality of the landscape. We believe in saving people money on water, fertilizer, pest control, maintenance, and future plant replacement costs by utilizing the best varieties of palms and plants in the industry. The result is increased property values, reduced monthly expenses, and less negative impact on our South Florida ecosystem.