When it comes to owning a home in Florida, you will face a unique set of challenges in regards to your landscaping. Due to the particular soil mix of the area, you might battle erosion and other issues that lead to deterioration of your property’s landscaping.

For this reason, working with a landscaping company that specializes in Florida friendly landscape designs is a must. You need a team who understands how to best prevent erosion, who cultivates the right plants for the area, and who knows how to implement xeriscaping as needed.

Here at Seabreeze Landscaping in Fort Myers, we provide outstanding landscaping services across the local area. Since we are a local company, we can help you design the right landscaping for your specific soil type. Check out a few of the unique challenges that Florida soil presents and a few of the ways we can help you mitigate these concerns.

A Shifting Soil

If you aren’t from Florida, then you are in for a big surprise the first time you try to landscape or garden. Our soil is not like most state’s. In fact, our soil is particularly prone to erosion issues and difficulties with growing non-native plants because of what comprises the majority of our ground — sand. More specifically, as the University Of Florida points out, a unique gray, fine soil called Myakka covers more than 1 ½ million acres of our state. This soil is the official state soil of Florida and can make landscaping a true chore.

Throughout our state, the soil is comprised of different properties alongside Myakka. In some areas, the ground is extremely sandy, whereas, in other portions of the state, clay soils take center stage. Down in the Everglades, the soil is peat-based and fertile. In the southernmost tip of our state, soils are often shallow with a limestone bedrock.

Each of these unique soil blends comes with their own set of landscaping woes. One thing almost every Florida homeowner will have in common, though, is battling erosion during heavy storms. The following are a few of the biggest landscaping risks here in Florida:

  • Erosion
  • Yard pests
  • Inadequate fertilization
  • Inefficient watering methods
  • Wrong plants for the wrong soil

Ideal Landscaping Designs

Here at Seabreeze Landscaping, we are experts in Florida soils. When you hire us to design your property’s landscaping, we will begin with an assessment of your home’s soil. We will go from there to implement the right landscaping features to cut down on erosion and to ensure the longevity of the plants we utilize.

We can help you implement lush, tropical landscapes that are specifically grown to withstand local weather patterns. We provide you with the expertise of a horticulturist, rather than just your average landscaper’s quick appraisal of your yard. Whether you are looking to implement xeriscaping in your yard or you want to grow a variety of beautiful plants, we can work with you to put together a design that makes sense for your property’s soil.

Contact us today to get started and see what a difference it makes when you work with a local Fort Myers landscaping team.